Jelly bags are here


Jelly bags are here

don’t they look awesome! The bags come in three colours pink/glitter blue/glitter clear

I think they’d make a great addition to your summer wardrobe, with jelly shoes on the beach!

I’m now selling on ASOS Marketplace as I have had issues with my etsy store.


Rock an Skull


Rock an Skull

Here’s a great way to dress up this gorgeous skull necklace from GRRL Fresh (only £2.50). I cant get enough of these Acne pistol boots, they look awesome in oxblood. Team with lace, leather and fur (Faux! obviously) for the perfect romantic goth style.

Places: an article written for an online magazine, but it never went to press


For the first Heterotic release I was asked to write about the places in my life article for  that have shaped my love and fascination for music. As this did not get used in the end I’m posting it here because it was actually pretty fun to do.
The Volks
The Colonnade  Madeira Dr, Brighton.
This place really is an absolute hell hole. I could eulogise it, but I’m going to talk about it straight. This was where I used to go when I was about 16. I could get in without an ID and could listen to music which allowed me to be angry, feel grown up and get off my head. I became friends with the guys at Wrong Music and they used to put on some fun breakcore/electronic/bass music nights every month. I guess this is where I got into a lot of the artists and labels I listen to today. Boxcutter and Ital Tek played, and as such I became aware of Planet Mu. I really couldn’t handle going to this place anymore, maybe I’ve just had enough of smelly, damp clubs or it could be the painful hangovers from what I swear to be the world’s dirtiest beer pipes.

149 Southover street.
This house was owned by my grandparents, they split but my grandmother stayed living in the house. I think it’s been turned into flats now (like most old, massive houses in Brighton) but when it was a whole house it was pretty much party central for many years. My grandmother (Hazel) was really into music, in the seventies she used to go to London and crash reggae parties. I spent a lot of time with her when I was young, she was still on the look out for music that she liked/excited her. I remember feeling really jealous of my brothers because Hazel took them to see Prodigy at Brighton Centre I think in ’97. Hazel’s love of music was infectious and has stuck with me even now.

Glastonbury Festival.
Yeah, I know, it’s too commercial, yeah you like to go the smaller festivals where you don’t have to worry about tickets selling out in less than an hour. Well, this festival is my family’s mecca. My mother came here with her parents and all their friends for many years before my brothers and I came along. Not even young children stopped this pilgrimage- We even brought the babysitter (regardless of her broken leg…) and to be honest with you it was much smaller then, and great for kids. There are many ‘Glastonbury Moments’ that I can remember but I think the main one that stands out for me, is seeing Radiohead in 2003. I was 13, Hazel had died a year before. I was in a really dark place and Radiohead are great for self indulging melancholy in a teenager. Their set really moved me, I did know some of their stuff due to my older brother playing their music but this took it to a new level. When I got home I stole my brother’s albums and played them continuously.

The Chattri
This war memorial was made in 1921 in tribute to the hundreds of thousands Indian troops that died for the UK in the first world war. It is situated in East Sussex because the Royal Pavillion served as a hospital for many wounded Indian troops. Those who were unfortunate enough to die who were Sikh and Hindu were, as according to their religions, cremated where the Chattri now stands. This place is accessed via a bridleway, and as I rode horses as a youngster, this was a common place I would ride to. The scenery is beautiful and theres a open field for you to gallop across (also a wooden gate at the end to jump if, like me, you’re too lazy and your horse is too mental to open it the ‘safe way’). I used to listen to a lot of jungle when I was 15, just before I had to sell my pony due to academic commitments). Listening to jungle was great for working around the yard, but not so great when you’re riding. When riding horses you have to keep in rhythm with your steed to keep in balance. Jungle is almost like the three-canter stride sequence, but if it had an extra break that could throw you of kilter if listened to whilst riding.

10 Marine Parade, Brighton
I love this club. It isn’t big, yet I always seem to enjoy nights here, even when it’s really packed. There used to be some really great nights in Brighton; one of them “Square Roots” was great for dubstep and grime. There don’t seem to be any nights with the same sort of excited atmosphere anymore in Brighton. Now there are just cheap pop nights for students’ first time away from their parents to get trashed to- they started out as ‘ironic pop nights’ which was only really ironic if you realised it was irony (This is pure Brighton). They are now overrun with girls that want to be photographed kissing their mates and boys that wear outdated post chillwave (of 2007 era) styled T-shirts. Oh yeah, there is actually a cool club, it does feature some good people, but it’s filled to the brim with all the fashion and design students and people who talk over music so loud you can’t hear it. It’s so cool that when it opened hardly anyone knew for ages because there no promotion, that’s how fucking cool it is (I seem to be too cynical for a 22 year old).

Vicarage Road, Roxwell, Chelmsford

This is where some of the first Heterotic stuff was written, it really is in the middle of nowhere (granted I did go to an agricultural college to do a degree) This is the place that Mike and I have talked about in previous interviews as being the coldest place to live. It had storage heaters which ran on a pound metre (costing a fortune). Being cold isn’t a terribly inspiring but once warm can put you in a surreal mind set which is interesting for making music.

starting a new business


As you have probably noticed, I haven’t posted for a while, However spring is here, my bulbs are growing well and the sun is (currently) shining so I had better get on with my blog. Apart from writing more tunes with my husband (under the pseudonym heterotic) and releasing our debut full length album (coming out in April) I am opening a shop on etsy selling clothes and accessories! I am currently waiting for stock so at present the shop isn’t fully open however you can check it out here:

The single for the forthcoming album is out now it futures the fantastic Vezelay on vocals. The video produced and directed by Konx-om-Pax. 



SOS skin care: retinol and silicic acid


When I was pregnant, I didn’t get the usual ‘glow’. I unfortunately had hyperemesis gravidarum which meant that I lost a lot of weight and therefore my general health was at a low ebb. Since the birth I have been using retinol creams (vitamin A is not suitable for pregnant women as high amounts can cause defects). Retinol creams are amazing for dull skin, they are usually marketed as anti ageing however they can help a range of skin aliments.

There are many different retinol creams on the market, many don’t have a high enough concentration to make a difference to skin. As I do have sensitive skin I have gone for alpha H retinol cream that contains lavender extract to calm skin. I only use it three times a week or less as I am still breast feeding (up to 10% of applied retinol cream is absorbed into bloodstream so applying less as a precaution).

The other ‘miracle’ skin treatment is silicic acid this helps to clear and clean skin. I have alpha H’s gold liquid face mask which contains silicic acid however wasn’t too happy of the inclusion of formaldehyde which is a known carcinogenic, so sadly have stopped using.

Instead of using these quite strong chemicals there is a natural option. Lush have a range of face masks that contain such fruits as papaya that help to resurface skin much like chemical retinol creams do.

A selection of lip colours for this season.


I love wearing lip colour during the autumn/winter months. To me, it always seems more appropriate as my skin looks so washed out. As always I will turn to an old classic, MAC Amorous. It’s berry tone will always look fresh, modern and a bit edgy, perfect for winter. It works well as a statement so no need for eye make up however, I want to experiment with some metallic tones as I think it would look awesome with a sci fi edge (stay tuned for that post!). 




This season, pastel tones have really taken the reins and so to compliment this I’ve got a beautiful soft pink ‘Curviest Caramel’ chubby stick from Clinique. This works perfectly for winter as it is moisturising balm with an intense colour base. This stick is also easy to just throw in your bag and apply on the go with its easy application, holding a baby isn’t the easiest way to apply make up.