SOS skin care: retinol and silicic acid


When I was pregnant, I didn’t get the usual ‘glow’. I unfortunately had hyperemesis gravidarum which meant that I lost a lot of weight and therefore my general health was at a low ebb. Since the birth I have been using retinol creams (vitamin A is not suitable for pregnant women as high amounts can cause defects). Retinol creams are amazing for dull skin, they are usually marketed as anti ageing however they can help a range of skin aliments.

There are many different retinol creams on the market, many don’t have a high enough concentration to make a difference to skin. As I do have sensitive skin I have gone for alpha H retinol cream that contains lavender extract to calm skin. I only use it three times a week or less as I am still breast feeding (up to 10% of applied retinol cream is absorbed into bloodstream so applying less as a precaution).

The other ‘miracle’ skin treatment is silicic acid this helps to clear and clean skin. I have alpha H’s gold liquid face mask which contains silicic acid however wasn’t too happy of the inclusion of formaldehyde which is a known carcinogenic, so sadly have stopped using.

Instead of using these quite strong chemicals there is a natural option. Lush have a range of face masks that contain such fruits as papaya that help to resurface skin much like chemical retinol creams do.


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